clBLAS  2.11
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BLAS-1 functions


 SWAP - Swap elements from 2 vectors
 SCAL - Scales a vector by a constant
 SSCAL - Scales a complex vector by a real constant
 COPY - Copies elements from vector X to vector Y
 AXPY - Scale X and add to Y
 DOT - Dot product of two vectors
 ROTG - Constructs givens plane rotation
 ROTMG - Constructs the modified givens rotation
 ROT - Apply givens rotation
 ROTM - Apply modified givens rotation for points in the plane
 NRM2 - Euclidean norm of a vector
 iAMAX - Index of max absolute value
 ASUM - Sum of absolute values

Detailed Description

The Level 1 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms are functions that perform vector-vector operations.